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SPRK MUSIC, a social media and talent spotting platform for the music industry. Whether you’re a vocalist, instrumentalist, producer, DJ, songwriter, composer… this is a platform for you!

We have combined social media, and video streaming to create the perfect music community. Upload a music video for immediate discovery, and connect with fellow artists’ and reach future fans where ever in the world they’re watching and listening.

With our additional ‘Artist Directory’ it is now faster and easier than ever before to search for great talent in the many specialties, styles and instruments of today.

We put the power of your talent back into your hands!

Calling all artists

A social media platform with an Artist Directory.

Get your music found my industry professionals such as A&R, talent scouts, managers, agents, concert promoters and so on.

Watch our video for a real life example of how the artist directly can be used.

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Easily share your music video for free and immediately reach millions of users on SPRK MUSIC and beyond.

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Get real-time feedback with five-star ratings and comments on your video, and grow your audience by uploading your music.

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It is now easier than on any other platform to find other artists to collaborate with. Discover the power of our Artist Directory and get a list of trending artists fitting your exact speciality, genre and demographics. Mix and match up to 6 filters and get, for example, a list of female, jazz, vocalists, in their mid 30’s, living in your city –all in less than 5 seconds!

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