How do I make my profile searchable?


Users can find  you by searching your name and/or username in the main search screen.


Fill in your profile details with D.O.B, gender, ethnicity and location if you haven’t already done so. Filling out these details will give you a massive advantage by making your profile more discoverable in the Artist Directory.


To keep the artist directory working efficiently and as accurately as possible, bands, duos, groups etc should generally enter the ‘location’ tag.  Only if it makes sense –  add any or  all of the additional tags  – date of birth, gender, and ethnicity.  For example, if you are an all female string quartet, then go ahead and add “female“ as a gender. Or, if you’re a band made up of five musicians of around the same age, you may want to fill out the ‘date of birth’ tag as the artist directory will only show the age range 18-25, 26-35 etc.


If your account represents more than one person, i.e not a soloist, we ask that you use your common sense!


How do I make my videos searchable?

Having a good title is the most important thing because that is what will make people decide whether to watch your video or not. Having good titles and descriptions can be the icing on the cake to keeping your audience engaged.
Title text:

A catchy title can help you hook viewers. When you create video titles, it’s a good idea to include keywords your audience is likely to use when looking for a videos like yours.

With so many artists uploading videos with the same or similar titles, having a lot of followers does not necessarily mean you will have a lot of views. You will have to convince your own followers to watch every new video you upload – and the title is the key aspect influencing people to make this decision. A good title has two main characteristics –  searchable and attractive!


Description text:

Writing descriptions with keywords can help viewers find your videos more easily through search. You can give an overview of your video and place keywords in the description.

Make sure your descriptions are accurate and relevant.  It’s worth spending time writing the descriptions for two reasons. Number (1) – users can read what your video is about while they watch it fully and can get them engaged and influence them to watch the complete video. Number (2) – search results. When you are searching for a specific word or sentence, SPRK MUSIC uses the keywords/sentences to show you a list of relevant videos. Writing a description to describe your content can also increase your chances of being discovered on SPRK MUSIC.


Every video upload is required to have at least one specialty and genre tag. You can add up to 3 for each. Say for example you are a pop singer- songwriter singing one of your originals accompanying yourself on the guitar – you might want to just add the specialty: singer-songwriter, guitar.

When  a user is browsing their favourite style of music using the specialty and genre with the filter functionality on the main search page, they will be presented with all trending videos that have specialty; singer-songwriter or guitar and genre; pop as a tag. 

 What is the Artist Directory?   

The Artist Directory is designed to be used by artists, music industry professionals and fans to filter and browse profiles by specialty, instrument, genre and/or demographics. You are able to use all six filters and sort them by highest trending, and most active.  Mix and match to find exactly what you’re looking for!

The directory can help artists connect with other artists and find collaboration partners, projects and so on.  This feature will for the first time ever on a social media platform also enable artists to compete to become the highest trending at their own specialty within their genres.… and even within their own demographics.  This helps music industry professionals discover artists in the specialty and genre they are interested in for project or endorsement deals and paid work.


Can I add additional specialty and genre tags to my profile?

Yes, you can have up to 4 specialty and 4 genre tags linked to your profile. To add, delete or edit any of the tags go to the profile settings page and click on edit specialty or edit genre. You can always view your tags on your profile page, by clicking on biography. 

What if my specialty / instrument / genre is not listed?

We cannot add all instruments, genres and sub genres etc as there are literally too many of them. 

However, if your instrument, specialty or genre is not listed and you feel it is an important one to add, please email us here with the subject “Add Specialty /Instrument/Genre Request” in the SUBJECT line.  We will consider whether to add the new “tag” and will send you an email notifying you of our decision.  

Which video formats do we support?

We currently accept mp4 (H.264), MOV and AVI video formats.  

How are videos rated?

This is a serious platform so honest opinions and ratings should be given.  Five star ratings should be kept for awesomeness only!  Our rating scale would generally be:  1 = Poor  2 = OK  3 = Good  4 = Great  5 = Outstanding!

Do we have any paid subscriptions? 

Currently we don’t have any.  However, we will in the near future roll out a subscription package for vocalists, songwriters and rappers who are serious about taking their music to the next level.

With so many platforms around these days it is hard to find genuine talent amongst the millions of artists all trying to get noticed.  And, finding the right talent on social media is not luck by chance.  We all know that becoming a viral sensation and top among the trendsetters on social media is a slow process that normally requires hundreds of thousands of followers and high engagement matrices.  We will be rolling out a game changing software next year (2023) that helps industry professionals find talented artists who don’t have the hundreds of thousands of followers required to pique the interest of top labels and brands.  We give you a chance to get discovered at an earlier stage of your career.  This means better prospects of getting a record, project and/or endorsement deal with the major big players.

We’ll send you an in-app message or push notification when we’re ready to roll out this subscription.

How do I get in contact with SPRK MUSIC?

If you have any further questions or would like to report any issues please use the in-app contact form (Contact Us on the Profile Settings Page) or email us directly quoting your  username and registered email address at hello@sprkmusic.com

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