About SPRK Music

About SPRK Music

SPRK MUSIC offers artists a simple way to promote and share their music videos and pictures on an entirely music-based community specially designed for instrumentalists, vocalists, songwriters, producers, composers, and DJs. 

We are a social media and talent spotting platform specific to the music industry. Most social platforms are general in topic and are not setup with networking and talent spotting in mind.  We are all about promoting your music, building your fan base, and helping you find and collaborate with other artists within the industry – all in one place. 

With the ability to filter artists in our Artist Directory, it is now faster and easier than ever before to browse and search in the many specialities, styles and instruments of today. SPRK MUSIC enables you as a solo artist, band or group to become the most trending in your specialty/instrument, genre, age range, gender, and city giving you increased exposure to fans other artists and the right professionals in the industry.  No longer are you a needle in a haystack!

Not only is SPRK MUSIC great for artists who want to promote their music, but also for those that:

  • Want to get found by the general public through our intelligent Artist Directory for projects, gigs, concerts and other paid work.
  • Want to get found by A&R, talent scouts, record labels, agents, managers and other music industry professionals.
  • Want an invaluable, quick and precise networking tool to actively find other artists to collaborate with.

We combined social media and video streaming together with the Artist Directory for a very good reason.  Networking and collaboration is an important part of the industry that is still done in a very “analogue” fashion.  It was therefore our mission to digitize this process which inevitably will have a knock-on effect on other parts of revenue generation for artists across the industry in physical copy sales, streaming and performance rights.

Digital music streaming is increasing year on year, and revenue generated within the music industry is therefore also increasing.  All the industries are moving to digital from a revenue generation point of view but in terms of talent spotting, connectivity and networking it’s still very much old school.  SPRK MUSIC now makes this part of the industry digital as well and brings it up to the same level as streaming.  The result is that it makes everything so much more streamlined and easier for labels, producers, industry professionals and artists to all work together. 

We are a 360 music industry service company which uses the latest technology to drive and deliver everyone’s needs leading to a stronger revenue driven tomorrow.


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146 Buckingham Palace Road
United Kingdom

Email: hello@sprkmusic.com

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Managing Director
Levi Moscovici

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